Future of Blockchain

Why the Hype around Blockchain and Bitcoin? Will it Succeed or Fail?

About Bitcoin, I'm highly optimistic. I really do believe that once blockchain gains acceptance prices will rise so sharply that governments will have to pose restrictions on its value. I believe that a 10,000% rise could well be on the cards - unless the government administrators succumb to fear of disruptive transformation and ban it everywhere. Other alt-coins will rise as well, some could gain a 100,000% rise in price.

The reason I say this is that although bitcoin really might be a fad (NOT!), the technology underlying it - blockchain - is not going anywhere. The blockchain is here to stay. Wherever transactions or money is involved, blockchain has a viable use case. I read the references I give in my blogs and apart from damage to the ecosystem through the high usage of energy resources, it can be applied everywhere and is the best form of accounting in the world we live in today. Blockchain technology is not a fad, it is here to stay. And I firmly believe Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple, Monero and all the rest will rise with ever-increasing adoption and understanding in society.

This is my understanding of the situation today. Capitalize on it while it's still low. Imagine making your own money. The world lies at your feet. Go for it!

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